Special Thanks

“Saying thank you is more than good manners.  It is good spirituality.”  ~Alfred Painter

Thank you so much everyone for supporting my novel! Without your generous support, I would not have been able to launch what I expect will be the first of several novels and other projects. I truly appreciate being given a chance to share my ideas with those who might be interested,
particularly students and other teachers. It is my hope that Beyond Infinity will inspire others to enjoy mathematics as an adventure.

I learned a great deal about publishing and marketing throughout this amazing endeavor. Thank you once again for helping me along my path of teaching and learning – and I hope that my writing(s) will somehow be able to assist you along your personal path.

The following amazing people made Beyond Infinity possible:

Rita Agarwal: “For my awesome math loving boys, Xander David and Chris”

Aspen Academy

The Aukamp Family

The Barnes Family

The Bauer Family

Marion, David, Luke, and Hazel Cipolle: “We need more Charles Fischers in the world!”

Kyle Cooper

The Coulter Family

David M. Daniel

The Duke Family

The Englemann Family

Michael Fish (Mike, thanks for the many adventures beyond this one!)

Jason Fradin: “thanks!”

The Franks Family

Duvan Hoffmann: “Getting ready to go beyond infinity”

The Gillett Family

Mark Gillingham

The Greenes: “Beyond Infinity…love numbers, love to read!”

Daniel Hamel

Mary Harden Rudisill

The Hilt Family

Thasja Hoffmann

Harrison and Walker

The Iamonaco Family

Mary Kelley

The Kinnes: “Thank you Chuck for all you have done to help my kids learn to LOVE reading!!!”

The LaCount Family

The LeFevre Family

Jayme Mansfield

The Manzer Family

The Mastronardi Family

Mike McQueen

The Mellin Family

The Murphy Family

Mary Odlin

Brian and Sharon Parker

Daniel Plank: Thank you!

Skylar Sanford

The Schulze Family

Mary & Jim Simon (Thanks for your support!)

Leon Skinner

The Sonin Family

Becky Southwick

The Sowitches: “Thanks to Paige for her support!”

Sparhawk School

The Stemps

Don Sugg

Jackie Ta: “Happy to support math education and writers!”

Thanks Gerty and Duane

Thanks to the Robinson family: Steven, Mary, Nicholas, and Hope.

Conor Sullivan: “Thank You Chuck!! Love the book!”

Meg Tobler – “Chuck Fischer Rocks!”

Nancy Vogel: “Can’t wait to read the book”

The Wainscoat Family

Brent Wells: “Mr. Fischer: Thank you for opportunity to be a part of your great adventure!”

Thorsten Weyter: “I look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts, Chuck!”

Mike Wolfkiel 🙂


And, of course, my wonderful mother, Judy Fischer!