Numeracy 2 : A Proposal

In language arts class it is not unusual to have students freewrite or journal periodically, sometimes even daily. The idea is to practice fluency in writing, generate ideas for stories, create characters or settings, and much more. The activity only takes a few minutes and usually gets students focused and […]


I recently read an article about the problems of teaching math in this the U.S. (NY Times – Why do Americans Stink at Math) and I believe the core issue has to do with basic numeracy at an early age. I was once asked: “If the number 7 walked up […]

How Can You Make 2 + 2 = 5?

Here’s a great lateral thinking math puzzle. How can you make 2+2 = 5? I have found that students love this sort of thing, especially in math class, where mathematical thinking can often seem too rigid. See how many answers the students can create through various means, including visuals. Read […]


Vedic Math Tricks

I am always cautious about math tricks. As a middle school teacher, I never liked to see my students still counting on their fingers or working out basic mental math using some kind of “trick.” Take the trick away, and those students have a difficult time processing mathematics and sometimes […]