About the Author

chuck-copyCharles Ames Fischer is a teacher by day and an author by night. He enjoys spending time outdoors, reading good books, watching hockey games and contemplating the meaning of life. If pushed, he might admit to spending way too much time playing fantasy games. He taught for many years at Sparhawk School in Amesbury, MA and currently teaches at Aspen Academy in Greenwood Village, CO. Throughout the year he conducts a variety of fun-filled workshops for students and professional development seminars for educators. This is his first novel (with several on the way). Learn more at: www.CharlesAmesFischer.com

Visit the book’s wiki www.BeyondInfinity.wikia.com to learn more about math and numbers, and to get involved in a unique community. Read some bonus chapters that didn’t make the final cuts, add your own number fact examples and vote on the best ones, find out the popularity of people’s favorite numbers, participate in fun challenges, and much more!

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Charles Fischer, By the Numbers (2013):

Years as a writer: 32
Number of novels planned: 4
Years as an educator: 18
Favorite number, rational: 64
Favorite number, irrational: π
Countries visited: 12
States visited: 47
Number of states lived in: 5
Favorite Harry Potter, book: 3
Favorite Harry Potter, movie: 6
Favorite Star Wars movie: 5
Favorite Lord of the Rings: 2
Number of cars owned in lifetime: 4
Times ridden in 3-wheeled truck: 1
Times in 3-wheeled truck accident: 1
Egyptian pyramids visited: 9
Number of pyramids where friend disappeared: 1
Amazing teaching & learning moments: Beyond Infinity